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44096Re: [new_distillers] Test for harmful substances in batch

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  • Robert Rickman
    Aug 28 3:07 AM

      I've been puzzled by this issue since I started distilling.  I have been making beer for years with pretty much the same ingredients as I use to make my mash for distilling.  It occured to me that the issue of methonol in beer has never come up so why should it be an issue in distilling?  I'm of the opinion that the issue is more fable than fact, perhaps a leftover from prohibition  times when other ingredients were used that may have had the ability to produce methonol.

      I don't test for methonol and I don't usually discard the heads.  Someone else may have other thoughts on the matter but that's my two cents. 

      On Aug 27, 2013 5:22 PM, "zfragapane" <zfragapane@...> wrote:


      I'm a semi-newbie and would like to make sure I'm being safe.

      I recently found a test for methanol including potassium dichromate and red litmus paper. Mix PD in alcohol and dip red litmus paper in resulting solution. Leave for 1-2 minutes and if it turns blue, there's methanol.

      My questions are:

      1) Has anyone tried this and trust the method?
      2) Are there any other harmful substances that could result from the process and any other kits to test that it is not toxic?


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