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43999Re: Whiskey yeast, Prestige vs. Ultra vs. ? for various whiskey types

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  • Zapata Vive
    Jul 28, 2013
      So NOBODY else has used brewhaus whiskey yeast or has any other input to matching yeast strain to whiskey type?
      All I hear is crickets :)

      On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 8:39 PM, Zapata Vive <ZapataVive@...> wrote:
      Hey there good distillers.  I'm wanting some input on whisk(e)y yeasts.  Specifically I have at my disposal Prestige and Ultra.  Quick note on ultra, it's from Brewhaus, I just looked at their site and it isn't there any more.  The label is exactly the same as what they have now as "high spirits whisky yeast", which I don't think was there a month ago.  I don't know if the two are the same? 

      I'm making all sorts of whisky, so I'm wondering the best yeasts for each type.  I've got in my future sour mash corn, "cooked" pure corn, pure malted barley, and bourbon.  Stepping up from sugar and deer corn is a lot more costly, and I'd like a few votes of confidence before experimenting on say 100# of barley!

      I've used prestige with excellent results on "traditional" style sour mash corn.  Really excellent results.  It's smooth and often deliciously fruity.  Several people who have only had the worst shine or commercial white corn liquors wouldn't even believe it was made from just corn, insisting it was some sort of brandy.  I personally think it's just flat out more delicious straight from the jar than all the flavored concoctions so popular in my area lately (apple pie, kiwi, lemon mint, etc).  I will definitely use this again at least for sour mash corn.

      But those fruity notes don't sound at home in a scotch style drink.  Or do they?  Maybe they fit in a Highland style but not an Islay?

      Anybody got a review on the ultra brand?  Beyond the "works good" style comments that were on brewhaus' website?

      Anybody used prestige in an all barley malt wash?

      I'm also open to other yeast suggestions, especially from people who have compared several yeasts across several whiskey types, but all input is appreciated.

      I've been lurking the last several years, but not daily so I'm not up on the current activities of the groups.  Is this more of a [distillers] question, or do most people read and respond to both groups still?


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