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43894Re: i built my first reflux still and the still head droped 50 degrees in this righ

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  • gravelier007
    Jun 28 6:01 PM
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "big mike" <micael1802@...> wrote:
      > I built my first reflux still to test I just ran water through it to test I got the water to a boiling then when the still head hit 212 degrees I turned on the water hose to the reflex tower and condenser the still head dropped to around 140 to 160 is this right or did I do something rung my boiler is a 15 gal beer keg
      Welcome to distillation 101

      How is your reflux column configured? Do you have cooling in your column? If yes, then, yes, turning on cooling water, did what it is supposed to do, cool.

      I reconfigured the design of my column to remove some of the cooling from the lower column, and routed the final hot water from my condenser section to the reflux. The water discharge from the still when running is a stream about 1/8" in diameter, but it is nearly boiling. The purpose being that I want to condense out the water vapor and let the other vapors pass to the condenser. I have a much larger condenser than some may recommend. It is a section of 1" copper that I had laying around. I put a spiral down the center so I get better turbulence and contact. The top of the condenser is pretty hot, but the bottom is ice cold, and I seem to get good performance.

      Another check would be to pressurize the cooling water side of the column and check for leaks. I didn't mention this first, thinking that you probably had already done that

      Make sure that the column is very clean before you save any product. I ran a sacrificial run that I threw out, just to be very safe. My boiler is copper also, and it looked cleaner after the run.


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