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  • cnapier@att.net
    Apr 24, 2013
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      So....at the point of pointing out my slowness.

      I've made both ways.....simple and cooked....

      I seemingly confused the two methods.......

      Both used the 4 inches of grain......water.....5lbs sugar.

      And since I obtained shine from both.......I just figured I'd had gone south with something.

      I am cooking the grain as we speak.......I must have figured the simple was easier since I just dumped the grain in and carried on.

      So.......laziness on my part.

      And I drag my own name thru the mud.


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      try this process: http://homedistiller.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=725 it makes a fine whiskey aged or nice moonshine straight from the tap. It is very similar to what you are currently doing.

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      > Ok.....need help.
      > I've run multiple sessions of shine.
      > I like very much the flavor of my shine.
      > 4 inches of all grain...corn, barley, maple mix.
      > 5 pounds white sugar.
      > 5 gallons distilled water.
      > 2 teaspoons dady brewers yeast.
      > Water temp 70 degrees
      > All in glass carboy
      > Wait til yeast is finished.
      > Distilled in pot still.
      > Double barreled condenser.
      > Done on hot plate.....plenty of heat.
      > Lucky to get 40 oz on stripping run.
      > Run again....less than a quart of 160 proof.
      > Feel free to drag me thru the mud.
      > Claude
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