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  • cnapier@att.net
    Apr 24, 2013

      I always enjoy your posts......and I'm amazed at the knowledge you possess.

      So......The grain is basically a waste of time?

      I'm getting some flavor at the expense of potential alcohol?

      Thanks again for your insight.


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      No mud dragging, guaranteed.

      A bit of simple calculation gives me this: 5 gallons of sugar and 5 gallons of water = 1 pound per gallon, which should give you a specific gravity of ~1.045 and a potential alcohol of ~5.9%, maximum.

      That means that the very best you could expect is 5.9% of 5 gallons of ethanol, or .354 gallons, which equals 45 fluid ounces of ethanol. Diluting all that ethanol (without making cuts) to 80% gives you a total of 56 ounces at 80% ABV (160 proof).

      Since those are absolute maximum possible numbers, 40 ounces isn't too bad.

      What did all that grain get you? Absolutely nothing except for a bit of yeast nutrient, and maybe a bit of flavor. Remember that grain is essentially all starch, and yeast can only eat sugar, so unleess you do a proper grain mash with enzymes from malt or a bottle, and the correct times and temperature, to convert that grain starch to sugar, the grain is worthless to the yeast.

      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller Making Fine Spirits

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "cnapier@..." wrote:
      > Ok.....need help.
      > I've run multiple sessions of shine.
      > I like very much the flavor of my shine.
      > 4 inches of all grain...corn, barley, maple mix.
      > 5 pounds white sugar.
      > 5 gallons distilled water.
      > 2 teaspoons dady brewers yeast.
      > Water temp 70 degrees
      > All in glass carboy
      > Wait til yeast is finished.
      > Distilled in pot still.
      > Double barreled condenser.
      > Done on hot plate.....plenty of heat.
      > Lucky to get 40 oz on stripping run.
      > Run again....less than a quart of 160 proof.
      > Feel free to drag me thru the mud.
      > Claude
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