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43717Re: Heads, body and tails

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  • David Eastham
    Apr 17, 2013
      I ramp up the initial wattage to about 2500w to heat the wash (15 litres). When I feel the bottom of the column getting hot ie the hot vapour has heated the sides and "roof" of the boiler and is now hitting the column, I turn down the boiler to 1200W as it slowly climbs the column. You know when the vapour is at the top when your thermometer starts to shoot up, if you left the boiler at 2500W at this stage the vapour could shoot right out the top bypassing the condenser. As its refluxing I put a glass jar above the column outlet to check no vapour condenses on this and is retained in the column Obviously if the temperature at the top of the column does not go up you need to add more heat. If the vapour condenses above the column reduce the heat. Once set and the temperature remains constant (+-0.1c)for 1/2 hour I then start take off.
      Dave E

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "jsutton_co" <varocketry@...> wrote:
      > Does that mean its boiling away for an hour ... or are you saying you slowly ramp up speed and it takes an hour to start drawing off?
      > I guess I read to read up on the "stacking up" stuff!
      > > I've got a 3"x 48" Boka and usually wait about an hour or so before
      > > starting to slowly draw off foreshots.
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