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  • richaaard
    Mar 29, 2013
      I saw on one of the linked sites, or somewhere, a carribean rum process using 2 thumpers. Since my plan is to use solar tubes for heat, which might not be as reliable in heat control, my thinking is that if it gets away from me at times two thumpers is better than one? I already know I will be using one thumper, but I'm curious what your thinking would be on using two.



      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Ted" <slohand42@...> wrote:
      > I run a Thumper and have ever since I started and don't think it's a
      > PITA. I started out running with a thumper because I am a long time
      > home brewer of beer and have a lot of extra equipment laying around. I
      > also wanted to mimic the process and product of the moonshiners of the
      > hills. Admittedly, I am still a novice, but I am learning and plan to
      > keep on learning.
      > There will be pics of my set up w/ thumper in the Photos Section under
      > the heading "Slohand's Upgraded Still" when they pass inspection.
      > My Set Up is a Pot Still made up of a 20L SS Stock Pot with a 1 1/4"
      > copper column/arm running into 1/2 rigid copper tube to the thumper
      > which is made of an 8L (2 gal) stock pot (from Wally World for $7). Out
      > of the Thumper 1/2" OD flexible copper tube runs to a Graham Condenser
      > (Tube and Coil Condenser).
      > Like I said, I don't think it's a PITA. The biggest problem is
      > constructing the thumper which is one more thing to make before you
      > start distilling, but it's not hard, and once it's done, the process is
      > pretty easy.
      > 1. I put about 2 1/2 L of fresh wash in the thumper (fill the thumper
      > about 1/3 full) and 4 1/2 gallons (18 L) of wash in the Pot. I seal it
      > all up and start heating the Pot (I never heat the thumper). 2. I
      > heat the Pot pretty fast. I can do that without fear of scorching,
      > since I rack the wash off of the grain into a carboy, cold crash it for
      > a day or two to settle out the sediment, then rack it into the Pot.
      > 3. I heat the Pot to a column temp of about 188 F. Doing it this way,
      > the vapors are now bubbling (thumping) into the wash in the thumper.
      > 4. At this point, I turn the heat down to stabilize the Pot temp where
      > it is. It's time to get patient. Let the bubbling/thumping do it's
      > work. The bubbling/thumping will continue as the temp in the thumper
      > rises to alcohol evaporation temps. 5. As the temp in the thumper
      > slowly rises, the temp in the pot will also slowly rise. Do not try to
      > overpower the Thumper by running the Pot too fast and hot. 6.
      > Remember, with a Thumper you are accomplishing a stripping run and a
      > spirit run at the same time, so you can afford to be a little more
      > patient. I have found that a slow patient run produces the best
      > product. 7. As the temp in the thumper rises to alcohol evaporation
      > temp, the tubing past the thumper will get hot just like when running
      > without a thumper. 8. As the heat travels down the tube to the
      > condenser, eventually product will start dripping out of the condenser.
      > Once this happens, it's just like any other run. With a 20L Pot and a
      > 1/2" condenser regulate the heat so that about 4 drops of distillate are
      > coming out per second. 9. At this point, toss your foreshots, make
      > your cuts and let it run to the end.
      > Like I said, once you have the thumper built, running a still with a
      > thumper is not a PITA, especially when you look at it like your are
      > accomplishing a stripping run and a spirit run at the same time.
      > My distillate starts at 150+ proof and hangs above 140 for more than
      > half of the run. My product has developed to the point that I will
      > share it with anyone, even boys from the hills.
      > Since I started with a thumper for the reasons stated above, I have
      > never run a Pot still without a thumper (stripping run and spirit run).
      > I plan to do that to compare the difference in product. I also hope to
      > run some AG bourbon and Scotch in the future which will probably require
      > a non-thumper still.
      > One last thing. When you see my pics, your will see that instead of a
      > single "long tube" running into the thumper, I capped off the end of the
      > down tube and branched out four 1/4" tubes into the wash so that the
      > vapor will more evenly distribute into the wash. Does it help? I think
      > so and if not, I still like it.
      > Hope this info helps.
      > Slo
      > --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas" <stought1@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello all!
      > > I would like information on a thumper, what it does, it's benefits,
      > and some construction ideas.
      > > I currently have a simple pot still, made from a stew pot.
      > > Thanks,
      > > Tom
      > >
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