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  • Richard Costa
    Mar 5, 2013
      I had that same thought but I have some doubts whether using it as a closed loop system would be more work, and how I'd harness it into a pot still. I'd also be more confined on volume. It's really not a big deal to disconnect the two lines (intake/outtake), and flush it out. It's about 10 feet off the ground so I just need to pump the wort up into it in the evening when it's cool. I'd attach the business end/condenser arm on one side and plug the other side. The temperature should be near ideal, but if it isn't a tarp covering part could slow it down. Again, flushing it out when I'm done is just a matter of attaching a garden hose. I think it will work well and I could probably get an easy 8-10 gallons.

      I use my solar heater with ethyl glycol as a closed loop system for heating household hot water, not really what it's made for since it's considered a non-pressurized system. Draining it, flushing it, adding fluid etc, really isn't a big deal since I have faucets near my hot water tank. Adding hoses and a pump makes it quick work. I'll just store the ethyl glycol fluid in a barrel and reuse it when I'm done.

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      Rather than feeding wort into your solar heater, I think you should keep the solar heater a closed-loop system and merely use it to heat your traditional still. If you put anything other than water (or water plus something like ethylene glycol) in it then you eventually have to drain it and clean it out. I bet your still is much easier to disassemble and clean. Lots of professional distilleries use super-heated steam to power their stills and I think you'll have better control over the temperature too.

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Richard Costa wrote:
      > I think I got this. All I need is to feed the wort in one end, shut it off, and then steam will come out the opposite end, harness it, and then use cold well water to condense it. It would also be quite safe with no flame and the pressure build up in this type of solar peaks at 9-11 psi. It seems almost too simple. I bet I could get 12+ gallons at a time.....jeez. What am I misssing?
      > I have a vacuum tube array with 30 tubes, spa type, that probably hold about 3 liters each of water/fluid. The water turns to steam quickly on a sunny day, and even on an overcast day they get pretty warm. I know there is a way that this will work with distilling alcohol at a fairly heavy volume, now it's just a matter of how to arrange and collect the steam, and feed the mash liquid. A solar oven would also work but if I'm looking for volume....

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