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43460Re: [new_distillers] Re: Aluminium or stainless steel for the boiler

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  • Alex Netherton
    Mar 2, 2013
      Read closer. True stainless is indeed ferrous (contains iron), but the crystal structure is such that it is not magnetic. Can't call it steel if it ain't. Stainless contains different amounts of Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt, Molybdenum, what have you, such that some formulations, like the steel in Swiss Army Knives, is magnetic, where, say, the shafts of turbochargers have so much of another metal that they aren't. In an automotive re-manufacturing shop, we tossed stainless in the same scrap bin as other steel. Non-ferrous metals went somewhere else.
      Alex Netherton
      Blue Ridge Discovery

      On 3/2/2013 5:02 PM, self.adhesive@... wrote:

      Full explanation here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stainless_steel#Types_of_stainless_steel

        True SS is not magnetic.  Usually food grade is not magnetic.  Lots of store pots are made with steel and then chromium and nickel and that is magnetic. True stainless  has no iron or steel in it and is not magnetic.  


      Bob c


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