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43372Re: [new_distillers] stuck wash

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  • Ric Cunningham
    Feb 25, 2013
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      You have a bad case of unhappy yeast.
      First the SG of just the sugar to is 1.040. You don't state the amount of corn or rye so I can't do the calculation on that.
      Second RO water is not good for fermentation. Yeast need lots of nutrients and a high sugar wash has none and RO water has none. Clean spring or drinking water are best due to the mineral content that the yeast can use for metabolic processes. Adding some yeast nutrient will help a lot in the future. Homebrewing suppliers have many different types and some us a touch of Miracle grow. If you have a high alcohol environment the new yeast will not do any good without the proper nutrient load. I am on the fence about rehydrating yeast but you definitely need to get some nutrients in the wash. It is probably too late for this batch but you can do better next time. The Brewers Association has a book called Yeast that is a great resource on helping grow happpy and healthy yeast.

      On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 1:47 PM, StephenA <skarnold74@...> wrote:

      I apologize in advance if this is a little wordy.

      I'm fermenting a cracked corn and rye wash with 8 lbs of sugar in 5 gallons of water. I'm on my 8th day with it and the airlock only lets out a bubble every 25 seconds (been that way now for the last 6 days). SG is 1.08 and still tastes sugary as hell. I'm using reverse osmosis water and started with 2 packets of champaign yeast. I'm on my 3rd run. 1st 2 washes i didnt even know to check SG before and after. got me some equipment and decided to get a little more aggressive with my wash. this is my 2nd wash using RO water. 1st went ok but in retrospect probably still had a lot of sugar in it. I confess I didnt rehydrate my yeast at 1st, did some more reading and decided to add another packet of champaign yeast after rehydrating it for 30 min and adding sugar and letting it foam. added the new rehydrated yeast about 4 days ago. doesnt seem to have helped much. Any way I can get it going again? any ideas what to do different? if my problem was dry yeast, shouldnt adding a yeast starter have helped?

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