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43366Re: [new_distillers] apple seeds, juicing and cyanide

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  • girlguidebiscuit
    Feb 24, 2013
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      Thanks WB. I was going to cider it then make some cider vinegar but distilling sounds better.

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      Subject: Re: [new_distillers] apple seeds, juicing and cyanide
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        As an herbalist, the amount of cyanide in apple pips is next to negligable.  You would have to eat over a pound of pips to feel any adverse effects.  I am sure that you don't have any where that amount in your apple juice. 
        Manufactures of apple juice use a "distructive" type juicer and they process many more pounds of apples daily than you are doing.  If you still feel leary of your processing, toss it or make hard cider/apple wash and distill the wash.

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      Subject: [new_distillers] apple seeds, juicing and cyanide
      Hi guys

      Can I ask please, is there any known hazard from putting quartered apples through a destructive grinding-type juicer pips and all? I have just read that apple seeds contain cyanide.. Is it true that I now have about 15 litres of cyanide-laced apple juice that I should not dare drink?

      Carrying this to its logical conclusion, if true, could I ferment this stuff, distill and drink safely?

      Thanks and best

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