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  • RLB
    Feb 22, 2013
      I kind of wonder why we use airlocks too!  I watched a Seagram vid and they had a 10,000 gal vats room that were wide open.  Moonshines never seem to use them either.  My first guess would be wild yeast and bacteria.  Years ago, I made a sugar wine that was 19 abv and my containers were never sealed and used an airlock.  I will say one thing about using an airlock is that it keeps the odor down if you live in an apartment building.

      In my next experiment, I will test 5 gal. airlock sugar wash verses 5 gal sugar wash with a cover loosely placed on top.  I am waiting for warmer weather before using grains,so my windows can stay open 24/7


      From: Jim Graves <jimbull34@...>
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      Did you have it in a sealed, air tight, container?  Even with an airlock on it, the bananas produced too much gas for the airlock.  I don't know why everyone is sealing their mash's and putting airlocks on them.  I have made wine and booze for 45 years and never, NEVER, sealed a container and airlocked.  The mash needs air (oxygen) in order to function.  The airlocks are used after primary fermentation in the secondary fermentator to keep it from exploding, like yours did.  Try it in an open top container with just a towel over it...
      James D. Graves
      Ravenwood Solutions, llc.

      From: Donnie <streetroddonnie@...>
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      Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 1:40 PM
      Subject: [new_distillers] ok

      I just tried a banana mash just 5 gal, thank god it was in my shower about 1:00am a big boom brought me up out of the bed lol I had banana mash all over the bath room what whint wrong added no shugar and used on pack of yeast the brew store give me what tha hell man ????????

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