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43295Re: [new_distillers] Just how dangerous is it?

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  • RLB
    Feb 16, 2013
      The danger is in a high concentration of vapors coming in contact with the open flames.  It could cause a still to explode or catch fire.  Ethanol frames are not like a gasoline fire in that ethanol can burn almost invisible, AKA: Formula-1 drives wear suits for protection.  One of my tests involved lighting a table spoon of my first run on fire.  In my dim lite kitchen the blue flame was almost invisible to see.  I would suggest at least 2' away from your heat source.  Good ventilation is a must, so I run fans for my condenser, and to move vapors out of my kitchen.

      safety first,


      From: Mark <stagof7@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2013 5:46 PM
      Subject: [new_distillers] Just how dangerous is it?

      To take the plunge into distilling I got an alembic pot still with an alcohol burner as heat source. So far I've distilled a bit of water to try it out and check for leaks. A couple of people I've spoken to have warned me that the open flame alcohol burner is very dangerous. If I use tubing to direct the distillate from the condenser a foot or so from the flame is there really any danger?

      And "thank you" to all for the advice I've already received from the members here.


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