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43284Re: [new_distillers] Re: mash recipe with corn (maize meal)

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  • RLB
    Feb 14, 2013
      I would include lemon juice, salt, and I toss in a multivitamin.


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      > Hi All I would like to try using maize meal in a recipe.Can someone please point me to a tried and tested recipe using it?Any advise will be appreciated ,thanks.

      4 gal distilled water
      1 can of corn meal
      4 LB sugar
      1 TBSP distillers yeast
      1/2 TSP yeast nutrient

      bring 1-1/2 gal of water to a boil. reduce heat a bit. dissolve the sugar. Slowly stir in the corn meal and bring to a boil. take off heat. Add the last 2-1/2 gal of water. Allow to cool for a bit. Add yeast and nutrient. attach air lock. let ferment till it is below 1.000. Then distill and enjoy

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