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43119Re: White Smoky-like haze in Vodka

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  • David Eastham
    Jan 29, 2013
      I got exactly this once and put it down to too much tails in the vodka coming out of solution. Since going for about 24% tails I havent seen the problem. I sanitise with hypochlorite,then rinse with clean water.
      Dave E

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Matthew Rick" wrote:
      > Just got done bottling up some vodka! However, I've noticed a light, white colored haze collecting on the bottom of each bottle. Not positive what it is but I'm thinking it was from using Star-San sanitizer. The bottles were drip dried but definitely not fully rinsed of the sanitizer. I'm assuming this was the issue because I noticed a large amount of haze collecting on some of the first vodka run through our tube for filling. I set that aside since it is probably got a relatively larger amount of sanitizer in it.
      > Wondering if anyone has had any other problems with Star San like this?
      > What does everyone else use to sanitize they're bottles before filling with vodka? Potassium/sodium metabisulfite like in wine?
      > I'm going to try and filter it out with a buon vino filter I have for winemaking. Hoping that will correct the problem. Any thoughts?
      > I feel like I've used Star San previously without any issues which is why I'm looking for more insight. From what I've described with the first bottles being more cloudy it seems like it would definitely be the issue? But why wouldn't it have happened before!? When you shake up the vodka it dissolves again...
      > Thanks for everyone's help ahead of time!
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