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  • Blackhat-Whitedog
    Jan 14, 2013
      usually what happens, someone's email gets hacked, they raid the addresses in all the emails, the addressbook etc. and they send millions of emails combining random From and To:   

      I'll bet if you ran the headers through a service a like spamcop, you will see that the trace goes nowhere near the servers that would handle the alledged poster's origin, but in fact stream from some open proxy and originate in India, korea, romainia.

      yahoo doesn't screen by origin, as long as the From matches a members address it sails on through. 

      I might suggest that this honored member be placed on moderation (as I notice most of us are) as this is likely to continue.  (have a couple groups on yahoo where this is a problem, I even have to moderate my own messages in one group.)

      but if you don't know by now that's a stupid hacker link.....

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