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42938Re: Long Fermentation

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  • elmbrook@ymail.com
    Jan 7, 2013
      From what you've explained so far it appears to me that you've a situation where you are fortunate to have a fairly sterile fermentation but are lacking in some of the nutrients needed for a faster sugar wash. You may want to consider adding DAP (diamonium phosphate - (NH4)2HPO4) Yeast need nitrogen and it appears your fermentation could use a bit of it. That said it is still fermenting and since you've no real problems you may want to consider just see how long can it go. I once had a fermentation go over two months at a slow continual rate.

      Hope that helps
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "last2blast" wrote:
      > Has anyone encountered an unreasonably long fermentation?
      > I am conducting sugar wash experiments since my new still will not arrive for another 2 weeks. In my experiment sample dated 11/29/12 it fermented until I stopped it on 01/05/13, it fermented for 37 days, and showed no signs of stopping anytime soon.
      > Ingredients:
      > 1 - gal. tap water
      > 2 - cups cane white sugar
      > 1 - tbsp. RapidRise bread yeast
      > 2 - multivitamins
      > 1 - tbsp. salt
      > 2 - tbsp lemon juice
      > 1 - garlic powder (Experiment to see if it would kill bacteria)
      > ------------------------------------------------------------------
      > It was later re-pitched with 1 cup sugar and a second tbsp. of yeast.
      > I placed garlic powder in other samples, and they stalled after two weeks, so it does not seem to be the yeast.
      > Any ideas why it fermented so long?
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