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42810Re: [new_distillers] Question about end of fermenting

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  • Bob Glicksman
    Nov 21, 2012
      While most bacteria will be killed by 10% or so alcohol, the bacteria that turn your "wine" into vinegar will not be so affected.  I suggest sterilizing the mash (the "beer", actually).  You can add potassium metabisulfite or sodium bisulfite (campden tablets - crushed) to the beer.  Either of these compounds will dissolve and generate sulfer dioxide gas -- a food sterilizing agent.  Bottle up your beer so that there is very little air and the bottle is sealed.  In other words, just the way they bottle up wine.  You can buy these chemicals in any wine or beer making store or on-line of course).
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      Is there any harm in leaving the mash to sit for a period of time (anywhere from a day to a month) beyond the end of yeast activity? Want to be sure I won't cause trouble for myself by waiting until I have time to finish the process.


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