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42566Re: [new_distillers] Yeast challenge

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  • Ric Cunningham
    Aug 20, 2012
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      Yeast is indeed the most critical part of your wash. Each yeast is grown to be vigorous in a specific environment. Low nutrient sugar washes are devistating to Brewers yeast unless enough nutients are provided. Temperature is a critical parameter for yeast. The cooler the ferment the less funky (congeners) the fermentation will be, it will also take longer. Yeast will ferment up to about 90 deg F, it will go fast but will produce a fair amount of Fusel alcohols (congeners). Patience is the key to all fermentations. Adequate nutrients and temperature are essential for healthy happy yeast. Good yeast health = good fermentation and therefore a good wash for distillation.
      By loosely covering a ferment you will allow for a vigours ferment that does not build pressure and allows the CO2 to drive off. The CO2 will blanket the top of the ferment and minimize O2 pick up. Jack Daniels uses a fully open fermenter with no cover so this is not a big issue.
      Choosing your yeast is important a little research goes a long way with this one.
      Good luck

      On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 7:24 AM, nick.meyers123 <nick.meyers123@...> wrote:

      New to this and I am struggling with the fermentation step. It seems like the yeast selection is critical (brewers yeast vs distiller vs vodka pure vs turbo)... And all the directions are slightly different.
      Currently I am making a simple sugar wash - but the instruction on the Vodka pure yeast packet did not have me cool the sugar water as much as other instructions AND it very clearly says not to use an airlock "loosely cover"
      How does yeast produce ethanol if it has that much access to oxygen?
      It came with this liquid charcoal packet, so maybe it's all very different.

      It sure seems like matching the type and amount of your sugar to the type and method of your yeast is the most critical / delicate step...
      Any advice?

      US Navy - Always on watch
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