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42552Re: Mandarins - Brew is deemed a success, now distilling.

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  • MoSS
    Aug 11, 2012
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "daryl_bee" <darylbender@...> wrote:
      > Congratulations! I'd be interested to know how it is as a distilled spirit au-natural (before glucose addition).

      Update to the update:

      Since my last update, I ran a second run as I planned, the completed campaign gave me 4L @ 60%.

      I haven't cut it back and only just tasted it after settling it settle for a few days. I'm not sure if it can improve with age unless it's on Oak.
      It's explosive on a sip, wow I never expected it.
      Definite Mandarin aroma, lovely legs on the glass as seen on a Tokay/Muscat.
      Slightly bitter on taste, huge after taste that lingers.
      I had expected sweeter, however that can always be adjusted. It can't be compared to a Curacao` as it's base it Citrus, not a white spirit macerating in spices/peels.
      It's only similarity it that the process I followed was similar to my rum.

      Now the big question is do I cut it back to 45% or leave it as a sipper? Is 60% to strong to sip? I've always been a Rum & mixer drinker.
      I have no experience in this area and would appreciate opinions on this or any other area that I have touched on.

      Of course I could halve the product and experiment with it, why not as I spy my Orange Tree starting to bear new season offerings...
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