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42225Re: beano in the mash

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  • Frank B.
    Apr 4, 2012
      I ended up using 3 tablets in a 3 gallon mash.  It want ballistic for about 12 hours and died.  Nothing I tried brought it back, additions of sugar, yeast, nutrient, B-12, and Epsom Salts (Mg SO4).  after now 4 days I'm reading about 4% ABV.  Tonight, after taps, I'll be adding this mash to the compost pile.  I'd really like to know how vodka like hooch was made back when there wasn't a myriad of additives to confuse us not so bright shiners.  My intuition tells me to use only natural and available stuff for my brew....the best source of natural amylase enzyme is saliva... so, the next mash I guess I'm chewing up 5 or 10 pounds of raw spuds.  What do you guys think of that approach?     
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