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41333Re: [new_distillers] Aeration

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  • Derek Hamlet
    Aug 30, 2011
      Small Point but they are metabisulfites, not metabisulphates. Two
      different animals.
      Also, (and this is just me). I sulfite my wines immediately after
      crushing to kill any wild yeasts. But I wait 24 hours before
      pitching my good yeast.
      I may be all wrong but when distilling I prepare my sulfited wort,
      aerate the daylights out of it for 8 hours before pitching my
      yeast. The aeration will add the oxygen and also disperses the
      metabi (I aim for 25ppm) so it is pretty much gone into the air when
      I pitch my yeast. For the most part I also use killer yeasts that
      are strong enough to kill any wild (usually weaker) yeasts.
      At 09:58 AM 8/30/2011, you wrote:
      >When aerating you are shooting for a fast start to the Yeast
      >fermentation to out compete other organisms. This should not be an
      >issue if using a large healthy active yeast pitch. No Sulfate
      >required. traditionally a grain mash is allowed to ferment with some
      >souring agent (sour mash) but a fast yeast start will minimize that.
      >No worries.

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      And some of the roads weren't paved
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