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  • Gavin Flett
    May 9, 2011
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      That is a plethora of good info, thank you kindly for that. Do you think that it's safe to apply the principles of beer making to Whiskey making. It gets pretty complicated with the chemical composition of the water and the flavours it introduces into the brew, does all of that apply to Whiskey, since after all it's being distilled?

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      This gies you better detail than anything I can dream up.


      I also like it because he agrees with my "Don't screw with the pH unless you know absolutely for sure it's what's biting your butt, and absolutely sure why" principle.  Un-enlightened putzing with pH can open many worm cans. If you absolutely must raise pH, winemakers go with calcium carbonate or potassium carbonate because they don't mess up flavor/mouthfeel much, but for whisky, sodium carbonate or bicarbonate will work, 'cause none of that stuff goes through the still.

      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller

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      > Great Bob thanks again,
      > If my pH is to low and I need to raise it, what can I do to raise it other than diluter the wash with more water?

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