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40763Re: fermenting 600 litres plus

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  • landrover_ffr
    Apr 2, 2011
      Hi again Bravo,
      Like you I've been a bit hesitant to scale up over 200 litre ferments.
      The three thinks that spring to mind are;
      1) Heat. Might need a cooling coil but depends on abient temp and vessel. You can get some idea of the heat generated from the yeast makers. Check out the information on the Lammond website (might be getting a bit too technical)
      2) Stirring. Easy to do and will make a big difference as you will have far less surface area to volume ratio.
      3) CO2 output. Having a few 600 litre bres working flat out in you garage could start to become a real problem.

      Hope this helps,

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "bravo" <bravoseychelles@...> wrote:
      > hi there my good friends
      > as i move to ferment bigger mashes
      > before i make a expensive mistakes
      > would a 600plus liter ferment behave same a a 200liter mash
      > would u add naything special
      > thanks for the advise
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