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  • jamesonbeam1
    Mar 25, 2011


      100F is way too warm for any yeasts we use around here.  A temp that hot will cause them to over work themselves to death and create all types of off-flavors.  The ideal temp for most common yeasts we use is room temperature - no warmer then 80 to 85F.  For every 10 degrees increase during fermentation, they will increase activity by 10 fold. 

      If you look at all the Lavin yeast strains - you will see that the maximum temp they can work at is 30 to 35C (86F to 95F).  This is the maximum temp and not recommended...  You can see the complete list at http://www.lallemandwine.us/products/yeast_chart.php.  While some strains like EDV-493 which was cultivated from sugar cane in the tropics can work in the 80sF, 99% of the rest perfer room temps.

      Believe Me.....

      JB. aka Waldo


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      > The only risk is that you might cool the mash too much, for the yeast to reactivate. The optimal temperature for yeast growth is around 100 F. Much below that and you will run into trouble. Remember, yeast start to die around 120 F.
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      > > Does anyone think it's possible to aerate the wash too much to the point where it kills the ferment?
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