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  • hdrk801
    Mar 1, 2011
      I've recently completed my first run distilling 25L of 14% sugar wash.
      I'm using a an AUSTENITIC Design still. I've collected about 3.5L of initially 90% alcohol. I collected between 78C and 90C. Toward the end of the run the last 1.5 L became a little milky which I believe is a result of the "tails". I was able to filter this through activated characoal and it removed the milkiness and is now clear but I can see clear "swirls" through the liquid. The taste and smell do not seem to be objectionable at least to me.

      So. Is this portion of the run usable for spirits or should I discard or put it in my next batch to redistill?

      Thanks for help
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