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39800Re: 1 inch Copper and 1 gallon barrels

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  • slipthruthecracks
    Dec 31, 2010
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "gotmatt" <silva.matt@...> wrote:

      > Final question:
      > I guess nobody has found value in aging in the (small) barrel?
      > -GM


      I can't speak for everybody, but one of the things I am trying to do is create a good tasting product at a low cost. I scrounge materials for construction, and sometimes barter for ingredients. I buy sugar in bulk and use it for feeding my bees as well as converting to alcohol. I have contact with a few home brewer groups in the area and sometimes they order malt by the pallet and I jump in on those deals when they make sense in return for a bottle or two of product. I have been able to get a local micro brewer to brew 100 gals of wort with leftover smoked malt that he was going to toss and let me convert that to some really nice tasting whiskey in return for his getting a good bit of the results for his own private closet. So, if I can age with oak strips in a stainless corney keg or a glass bottle, I am likely to do that before I spend money on an oak cask or keg. I don't sell anything I produce, it is all for my closet or gifts for friends so any money I put into it comes out of my hobby budget which is limited to however much I can sneak out from under SWMBO's eagle eyes. I guess I am saying that even being a fairly active hobbyist, I probably don't see oak kegs in my future, so I can't and won't be able to comment.

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