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39797Re: 1 inch Copper and 1 gallon barrels

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  • gotmatt
    Dec 31 8:13 AM
      Well then, I'm glad I posted.

      I finally (wrongly?) decided to go off Harry's Glenmorangie post for design, "...you can achieve a similar result by angling the lyne arm at the top of the neck to a 45° angle for about 60cm of length, then direct it downward to the condenser or worm..." I do like the heavier Scotches (Aberlour's Abunda comes to mind) so you're right to nix an upward angle.

      The length of riser was my calculation of area to achieve 2" pipe reflux with a 1" pipe, but I guess that isn't as important as velocity issues.

      ZB said:
      >>>I've got about 18" of 2" on a keg-based potstill, and I think even that much is costing me some richness of flavor.... I've got the copper to make a 2" head with almost no riser

      I haven't read this before in everything online. If I read this right, you'd prefer to move vapor from boil pot to collection vessel in the shortest (and simplest) possible distance to achieve greatest flavor in Whiskey? Should I assume 3 spirit runs with 3 small heart cuts to achieve 62% for aging?

      Final question:
      I guess nobody has found value in aging in the (small) barrel?

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