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39791Re: 1 inch Copper and 1 gallon barrels

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  • slipthruthecracks
    Dec 31, 2010
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "gotmatt" <silva.matt@...> wrote:

      > I'm limited here to 1 inch M copper pipe. I can buy a lot of it, but can't source (or afford the quantity) of anything bigger. My idea is to run about 5 feet of 1 inch up from the keg, then 3 feet of 1 inch up on a 45 degree from there, then angle down to a worm through water to a collection vessel.

      I think you will find that you will lose some of that good flavor if you have 5 feet of riser and another 3 feet angled up at 45 degrees. You are almost asking for some reflux by angling that much tubing since any condensation that forms will run back down the tube and into the boiler or at least hit the rising vapors in the vertical riser. This will cost you flavor. You could insulate the tubing but the design still begs the question of why use so much in the first place.

      I am not sure why you are limited to 1 inch tubing but I think it will make your vapor flow quite fast depending on your heat source and intensity. If nothing else, it will make your heat control critical for maintaining proper vapor speed and distillate flow.

      I have a stainless 15g keg with 2 inch riser about 18 inches in length. A 90 degree elbow which reduces down to 1 inch lateral for about 8 inches and then a nice long leibig condenser which angles down to my collection vessels. The lateral piece is just long enough to move the condenser away from the boiler. The leibig takes the collection ever further away. The rig is propane fired and I need to play close attention during my run so as not to overdrive the boiler. I try to make my spirit runs very slow and am able to create some very nice bourbon, whiskey, and rum with this rig. All my junkahol goes over to a reflux rig and is processed for neutral.

      It is not that you can not do it your way with your design, but the vapor rig is just undersized for the boiler you are using in terms of diameter tubing. And it is longer than needs be for brown spirits.
      At least that is my opinion.

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