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397811 inch Copper and 1 gallon barrels

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  • gotmatt
    Dec 30, 2010

      I'm very happy to have found this forum and all the other distilling information out there. Its kept me extremely busy for weeks.

      I'm a long time all-grain brewer with hundreds of batches under my belt and have no idea why I haven't shifted to distilling yet. It's kind of embarrassing.

      I'm ready to create my still now, solely for the production of Kentucky-style Bourbon on new oak, then shifting to Scotch to age on used oak. I'm a very long-term thinker.

      The boiler for my still will be a 15.5 gallon stainless beer keg. The idea is to run 10-12 gallon batches through it for low-wines, collecting enough to do a spirit run for a 1 gallon center cut to age in a 1 gallon barrel until ready. Used barrels will eventually age Scotch in a Solera method.

      I'm limited here to 1 inch M copper pipe. I can buy a lot of it, but can't source (or afford the quantity) of anything bigger. My idea is to run about 5 feet of 1 inch up from the keg, then 3 feet of 1 inch up on a 45 degree from there, then angle down to a worm through water to a collection vessel.

      2 questions:

      Limited to 1 inch pipe for 10 gallon batches for Bourbon and Scotch, would you recommend any different still design or length to achieve an excellent product? (Emphasis here on excellent product.) My hope is to age in the barrel at 62% with as much flavor as possible.

      Does anyone have experience with aging in the 1 gallon charred oak barrels, opinions, recommendations for where to purchase?

      Thank you!
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