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39449strong yeast odor after fermentation

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  • Myrrdin69
    Oct 12, 2010
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      hello everyone,

      i decided to check out the reflux process for a change.

      basic sugar wash consisted of 7kg sugar made up to 23 l tot volume with water. added for experimention purpose 1 packet turbo yeast (black label) for 48 hr fermention.
      Starting Temp: 96 deg F, SG 1.102, PH 4.5

      after 24hr:
      Temp: 86 deg F SG: 1022

      after 48 hrs:
      Temp: 80 deg F, SG 990

      after 72 hr when starting strip run:
      Temp: 80 deg F, SG 985

      run on PDA 2 setup as pot.

      Resulting destillate has very strong yeast smell. Is this normal?
      As i understand it, even a reflux run might not change this. Can someone help?

      Thanks in advance

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