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  • jamesonbeam1
    Aug 13, 2010

      Please send us a picture of your still.. Really sounds like your
      getting lots of internal reflux due to either the boiler design or lyne
      arm design. As mentioned before, my horizontal lyne arm caused some
      additional reflux since the vapors would just sit and condense there and
      cause much higher ABV during the distillation.

      Normal calculations on a 14% or so distillation should only produce
      about a 115 to 120 proof distillate on the first run. Then, if you
      re-distill this and dilute down to 30 percent or so, it should give you
      the 160 proof or there abouts level that we shoot for when making
      flavored brown stuff. (like bourbons, brandies or rum) Our buddies
      with those reflux stills making netural stuff in the 90 to 95.6 percent
      range are in a different category.

      In a pot still, at 50 to 60% ABV, you should still have a ways to go
      before you reach the tails with the off-tastes and cardboard smell.
      Lowering the heat during this point also helps.


      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Royce Thigpen <fireside58@...>
      > I have read about others that can distill a wash at certain proofs
      > (percentages). With my still, it starts off high and when it gets
      to a 50 - 60%
      > range, it may have some off taste in it, or if I run the still hard
      enough to
      > distill at a set range, it has what I would consider wash carry over
      in it with
      > an off taste. I think I may need to work on my column. I may
      take a picture of
      > the boiler and let you folks make suggestions.
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