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  • Royce Thigpen
    Aug 13 5:18 AM
      I did the spirit run yesterday.  Ended up with 2 quarts of 70% ABV.  Some nose in it and I have put in on wood chips for a while.  I guess the next step is to cut it to drinking %.  I think most brandy is about 40%.

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      Sent: Wed, August 11, 2010 2:04:41 PM
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      I will. I assume (you know what that means) that you run the spirit run as before, down to a low ABV and make the cuts in smaller batches.  I am very interested in how you worked the coffee maker.  I happen to have one on the shelf that doesn't work properly for making coffee, but I might can make it work without much trouble.  It is a 100 cup perculator type.

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      Nope Royce,

      If you already got rid of the foreshots then no need to again. Since
      your still seems to have so much internal reflux in it, I might want to
      dilute it more down to 20% or so and try that.

      Otherwise sounds good.


      --- In new_distillers@ yahoogroups. com, Royce Thigpen <fireside58@. ..>

      > I have just finished my last run of the peach wash. I have collected,
      all total
      > and put together, one gallon of about 35% ABV. My intent is to run all
      of it
      > again slower and collect batches. Do I still throw out the first 100
      ml as
      > before? I also intend to add some distilled water to it to add volume
      to the
      > pot. Is this the correct way to make a spirit

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