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  • Rainero Morgia
    Aug 10, 2010
      yup...i  know  of  a  few  masters  or  experienced  distillers  who  are   very  exceptional  that  the  amount  of  heads  can  be  reduced  or  even  completely  eliminated  and  sometimes  for  pungent-smelling  mashes,  the  switching  to  the  heart  occurs  at  a  later  point.
      perhaps,  only time , preparation  and  patience  can  lead  us  to  this  skill   and  we  are  very  lucky  to  have  our  new_distillers  moderators    in   guiding  us  on  how  to...
      my  switching  moment  criteria  is  to  collect  distillates  in  amounts  of  say  200ml  and  just  continuosly  taste  it....it  is  ,however,  necessary  to  have  a  hydrometer  to  confirm  the  choices  to  be  made.  the  alcohol  grade  strength  serves  as  a  guide  for  switching  to  the  tails...
      best regards...

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      Subject: [new_distillers] Re: Confused
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      Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 9:54 PM


      Hey Royce,

      No problem. That joke about distillus interuptus was just a silly one
      between ZB and I since he coined that expression (from coitus
      interruptus) which makes one onery on both counts.

      Nothing personal against you. However, it does sound like your still
      does have mucho internal relfux which might explain the lack of flavors,
      smells and high ABV in the first part of your run or heads. I had a
      vertical riser and horizontal lyne arme that then went straight down to
      the condenser and was getting 160 proof heads from a 14% distillation.
      When I changed it to a 45 degree angle down to the condenser, it changed
      to 120 proof heads which is more inline with pot still calculations.

      I think now the main reason for the confusion is your relying too
      heavily on the head temperature of your still. After you become more
      experienced, you start relying less on head temps and more on the taste
      and smell of the distillate as I do (very rarely ever use a thermometer
      now). The head temp is totally dependant on the ABV of your
      fermentation, whether it is a 10% or 16% ABV. Heck, at high ABV in your
      pot, you could still be in the Heads when the temp says 176F. Sort of
      like the old story of 3 blind people feeling an elephant, one feeling
      the trunk saying it a tree, one feeling the tail, saying its a snake and
      one feeling the side and saying its a wall. You really need to take all
      the variables into consideration, especally sight, taste and smell.

      I still strongly suggest you do a spirits run and combine everything
      you have from both runs, but collect in smaller quantities, then do the
      taste and smell test and make your cuts.

      Vino es Veritas,

      Jim aka Waldo.

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Royce Thigpen <fireside58@...>
      > I guess that trying to save space and face, I neglected to put in the
      > information. I am using a very small copper pot still that has
      some strange
      > reflux action in it. Unintentional. But it is what it is.Â
      My heat source is a
      > gas burner adjustable from almost out to quite hot. I started
      with a wash of
      > about 9 or 10%. I got rid of the first 100 ml or so and
      started collecting. I
      > realize I left some alcohol in the boiler. Unavoidable last
      night. I am still
      > a little confused about the hearts though.  In reading,
      taking things a little
      > literal, I was under the impression that the hearts come out at the
      optimal heat
      > range of 176 degrees. Anything before out and anythingÂ
      after were typically
      > headed for the next run. At 70% off the still, there is hardly
      any nose and
      > quite a burn to the taste. At 45% there is a good noseÂ
      but a undesirable
      > taste. To me anyhow. I know there is something in between, I
      just don't know
      > what it is yet. I don't know if I am too literal or just don't
      > However, I really appreciate you folks for responding and willing
      to give
      > advise and guidance.

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