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  • Royce Thigpen
    Aug 10, 2010
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      Folks, I have read and tried to determine the difference between starting and finishing a run.  Last night I began to become more confused that ever.  I was running my second batch of peaches and thought I had done well until I had to quit the process due to running out of time.  Below is what I did and why I am confused:
      Started saving at 176 degrees - 72% - About 1/2 pint
      Temp got to 180 degrees - 65% - About 1 quart
      Temp got to 185-190 degrees - 45-50% - 1 quart
      The last part had more nose in it that any of the rest.  As I am not much on taste (I have not sampled yet), I am confused as to what to keep.  I put the first two in a jar and was thinking about putting the rest back to run again, but it smells more like peaches than any of the rest.
      I know what I have read about going too far in the run and off taste, but why is there more nose in the later?  Help please!  And how do I get the nose of the last in the purer of the first?

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