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  • new_distillers@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 1, 2010
      Distillers & new_distillers Policy

      Distillers & new_distillers Policy


      Due to the ever-increasing worldwide activity in relation to spamming, hijacking, trolling, pornography redirection and other attacks,  it has become necessary to implement a Groups Policy and to reinforce basic posting procedures.   Members and Groups Management will all benefit from the increased security and streamlining of operations.

      Your participation and continuation as a member of these groups is dependent on your acknowledgement and acceptance of the Policy.  Groups Management is confident the Policy and related guidelines are easy to follow and will make the groups a better information resource for all.  Some links within the content of this Policy will take you off this server.  Please use your browser's [back arrow] or [back button] to return here.

      All new members will be sent a copy of these rules upon joining the groups.  On a monthly basis, a copy of these rules shall be posted in the messages list of the groups.  A copy of these rules shall remain in the files section for perusal.

       Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


              Groups Management Team



      About the Groups:

      The existence of these Groups is for the purpose of facilitating the dissemination of relevant information pertaining to the hobby of home distillation of alcohol.  The Groups are not an accountable resource of any commercial business or entity.  The groups are a non-profit concern.  The groups remain entities in their own right.


      General Guidelines:

      Posting and emailing to these groups will broadly comply with the general usenet guidelines, in addition to the following specific rules ...


      Rules of Engagement:


      1.  PLAY NICE

      This rule shouldn't need further explanation, but just in case, see rule 10.

      2.  PLEASE SNIP

      When replying, use only relevant content of the previous post in the thread.  Many people have to pay for bytes downloaded and 60 excess lines for a one or two word reply is rude.

      3.  STAY ON-TOPIC

      The topic is distilling and related issues.  Some latitude via general joviality & cameraderie is welcome and acceptable.


      If the thread appears to be going way off-subject, please start a new thread.  This will give better results when searching archived posts.  The following subject change is the preferred method ... [Subject: NewSubject (was) Re: OldSubject].

      5.  NO TROLLING

      Members identifiable as engaging in trolling will be removed from the groups.  Please read the definition of troll as it pertains to these groups.

      6.  NO SPAMMING

      Members identifiable as engaging in spamming will be removed from the groups.  Please read the definition of  spam  as it pertains to these groups.


      Message attachments are automatically blocked from these groups.  Members wishing to upload files/photos are reminded of the temporary nature of uploads.  Said files are to be placed in the relevant sections of the groups filespace allocation.

      8.  NO FLAME WARS

      If a discussion is getting heated, take it to private email.


      Members who knowingly put commercial adverts in the body or signature lines of their posts or attempt to use the forums as a free advertising medium will be placed on moderated status until the breach is remedied.  Continual infringements will result in the member being removed and/or banned from the groups.  The policy of reciprocal linking to commercial sites via the links section is acceptable.  Contact management direct to arrange this, as the links section is closed to member editing.

      10.  PLAY NICE

      This rule shouldn't need further explanation, but just in case, see rule 1.


      Signature Lines Policy:

      Signature lines are generally acceptable when used in replies to posts made on the lists, however they must conform to the following guidelines:


      1. Please keep signature lines to a maximum of five (5) lines.

      A sig file of no more than three (3) lines is preferred. [example #1]


      2. Sig files may contain site URLs, but they may NOT include advertising of any kind. (see examples)


      3. Sig files may NOT contain affiliate links of any kind, including links to hosting reseller programs, MLMs, paid browsing or e-mail programs, etc. (see examples)


      4. Sig files should NOT contain meaningless disclaimers as to the content or opinions expressed in the e-mail. If you are posting from a company address that requires such a disclaimer to be appended, we suggest you either use the FPlist page at yahoogroups.com to post your list messages, or sign-up for an account at one of the many free providers and use this for posting to the list. (see examples)


      5. Vendors may not post advertisements to the list for their products under any circumstances. (see examples)


      6. Members should use good judgment in composing their signatures and should contact the list owner if there is any question about the format or content : see examples



      7. If your signature line does not conform to these guidelines, one of the list moderators may contact you to suggest how you may change it to be in compliance with guidelines. If your "default" sig line does not conform to the above guidelines, we suggest you create an alternate signature file to use when posting to this list.



      Example #1 - Acceptable:

      Can anyone tell me why my still doesn't do XYZ? TIA.


      Joe Blow



      End Example #1


      Example #2 - NOT acceptable:

      Can anyone tell me why my still doesn't do XYZ? TIA.


      Joe Blow

      WebMaster Joe's Magic Moonshine Site

      Can't find Product A, B or C?  We have squillions to choose from. Visit us at http://www.joes-stills.com.


      Get paid for reading e-mail. Sign-up at http://latest-email-scam.com/1234?id=joeblow


      The opinions expressed in this email are solely those of the author and do not reflect the corporate views of joes-stills.com. This mail is personal and confidential and not meant for use by anyone but the recipient.


      End Example #2


      Variance of Rules:

      Groups Management reserves the right to vary or alter these rules without prior notice.  All members will be advised of changes via a special notice mailout to the member's last recorded email address in the records database.  The onus of compliance with the rules and currency of email adresses rests with the member.

      Disputing the Rules:

      In all cases of dispute regarding the rules and/or their application, correspondence shall be private and between the member and Groups Management.  No other form of correspondence will be entered into.

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