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  • Tom Hawk
    Apr 5, 2010
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      Thanks.  That's what I thought I needed to do.  I was just concerned that there might be something going on in the slanted plate section that I did not understand.  My original intent was to insulate the boiler and the column to the top of ther packing.  I'll proceed in that manner.

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      --- In new_distillers@ yahoogroups. com, "Tom" <tomhawk412@ ...> wrote:
      > To Ric or Others Who Have Experiance With His Design,
      > >
      > How much of the upper end of the assembly needs to be insulated? I intend to insulate the 64" reflux column. Should I insulate any of the 11" angled plate section? What about the tee and the 1" gate valve.

      Insulate to the full length of the packing. After that, any heat losses will help (not hurt) your refluxing and/or product condensing.

      It's not difficult to figure out Tom. Insulation prevents heat loss. Un-insulated areas will lose heat and the vapors will liquefy. The packed column is the critical area. It is the reaction chamber. It must be insulated from heat loss, to provide a stable environment for vapor/liquid co-mingling and separation.

      regards Harry

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