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  • Geoff
    Apr 4, 2010
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "edbar44" <edbar44@...> wrote:

      I've got some experience now and have been getting pretty good product lately. Used a lot of good advice gathered here and on other forums and must say, the best advice was to start with a big pipe if you want to distill. I don't miss those 20 hour runs getting a few liters of good product. I can strip this 27 gallons in 5-6 hours without a problem and a 10 gallon spirit run takes about 8-10 hours netting out 5-6 gallons of product.


      Hi, Ed and folks,

      I'm yet to figure out whether to make a reflux still (probably. The pot still is great for stripping runs, also for fruit, but for a neutral spirit from sugar wash I think the reflux will be ideal);

      and if so what design to use (probably Bokakob slant plate combined with Vapour Management);

      and what diameter copper column to use (probably three inch, I was lucky enough to get a lot of various sized copper from a scrap merchant about three years ago before the prices went up.)

      So I am especially interested in the experience of people who have made reflux stills with larger columns; diameter, height, how you made it and how you run it and how well it works.

      Ed, could you tell us more about your still?

      And I'd like to hear from others , too, with a bigger still.


      The Baker
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