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  • sigoma2007
    Feb 7, 2010
      Hi everyone..first sorry for my bad english... my name is Marinho, and I am from Brasil, city of Luciara, Mato Grosso state (Lat 11°30'00" South Long 50°30'00" West, more or less). I am following these topic "Going to Build" all along and I am interest too in build a still, just the same as Fred. I download the pdf paper "Building a home destillation apparatus, about two type of stills. For me the second type, "valved reflux still head" WAS the best.It isa the same
      menicioned by Jerry in their post to Fred.I'm still at the beginning of my projeto, and in fase of read all about it, but decide to do the same project Fred.
      I download too the Bokakob's drawings. Ric, In one of your post to Fred you advise to use VM (vapor management?) to improve the still and late, in other post, sad about a schematic sketch in your photo folder in Distillers. I want you to leave these skletch to me, if possible.Then it is my intention to continue with the matter and I ask Fred to pass, if possible, all information to help me in my projeto.Here in Brazil, produce distilates for their own use or to commercialize artesanal products is not prohibited. But I intend, for now, only make brandy ("cachaça" from sugarcane) for myself and
      Tanks a lot for all, best regards,

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "fred081646" <fred081646@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > My name is Fred and I am a newbie to distilling.
      > I have been reading for a solid month and am ready to take the plunge.
      > The only thing I have now that I can use is a propane turkey fryer.
      > I was thinking of going with a 15 gallon beer keg.
      > Gonna call the local scrap yards tomorrow for a keg.
      > I want to build a reflux still and I have looked at internal reflux plans and understand how they work. I can build that.
      > I have heard that valved reflux stills are easier to operate and control.
      > Does anyone know of where I can find some plans for a valved reflux still?
      > I am sorry if somewhere I am overlooking some obvious place.
      > I have heard about the valve sizes to use and lots of other info on the valved reflux but I haven't found any plans to build one.
      > Can anyone help me?
      > Thank You Fred
      > And happy brewing. whatta wonderful hobby.
      > PS I can't wait to start my wash.
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