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37515Re: [new_distillers] Apple Pie Recipe Anyone?

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  • bigjim@wildblue.net
    Jan 1, 2010
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      You can adapt this to suit yerowndamnself.

      Big Jim

      Spiced apple pie drink
      1 gallon apple juice
      1 gallon apple cider
      1 cup sugar
      6 cinnamon sticks

      5 cups Everclear Grain Alcohol

      In large pot simmer all but alcohol until cinnamon sticks loses their flavor
      (30-45 minutes)

      Cool, add alcohol, chill drink.

      A friend in South Carolina makes this. It do taste like apple pie.

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      > Hi all,
      > Hope everybody had a great New Years (and thanks Harry for the fireworks
      > !).
      > Anyways, a friend of mine in the steel industry, was talking to some
      > Southern, redneck buddies about moonshine and they mentioned they would
      > love to get some of that "Apple Pie" shine.
      > They said its a real favorite down here in the Southern US during these
      > holidays and tastes just like a fresh baked apple pie (only a bit more
      > on the ethanol side). My first instinct was to make an apple cider
      > must, distill, and then macerate it with cinnamon sticks and chunked up
      > nutmeg. But then decided there would'nt be enough apple flavor so my
      > second thought was taking some neutral and macerating with the cinnamon
      > and nutmeg, then cutting with some apple juice concentrate.
      > Anyone have any other ideas or done this before?
      > Vino es Veritas,
      > Jim aka Waldo.
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