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  • peatreek
    Oct 19, 2009
      I got 5 pounds of Irish peat from http://www.irishsmoke.ie I could do without the pretty packaging for a lower price, but it was the best I could find for the moment.

      I first tried using a small pot of coals and peat inside my gas grill with three pounds of damp barley spread on two pans. I didn't expect great results since the smoke wasn't rising through the kernels. A little smokieness, but not more than I can get at my local BYOB shop.

      I then picked up a Weber kettle grill to use to smoke a bit o barley.

      - placed 15 lbs of barley on a 'bowl' of aluminum screen material that ran right to the edges of the grill
      - started a small charcoal fire, maybe 15 or 20 pieces
      - waited for the coals to be red and producing no smoke
      - put a small bucket of water right beside the coals for moisture
      - put a couple hunks of the Irish peat directly on the coals
      - covered, let smoke for a couple hours stirring every 15-20 minutes

      Man, that barley is PEATY! I ground it, mashed it and now am watching it ferment very nicely. It has an interestingly smokey-sweet taste to it. I should know late this week what the end result is. :)

      The next run I will have a 'riser' built to get the barley higher off the coals and a better edge seal for the lid. A few kernels got browned more than I would have liked when I let it sit more than 20 minutes without turning it. I am going to build the riser about two feet tall, that way if I find it is too cool, I can cut it down some. I am also going to try wetting the barley first a little to see if that makes a difference in how well the smoke 'sticks' to the kernels.
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