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36994Re: [new_distillers] Re: peatreek tips (was heavy peat malt source)

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  • Phil
    Oct 8, 2009
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      Wal - I can tell you that the bale of peat I bought at my local (U.S.) Lowe's garden center, from Florida, sure didn't come out well as peatreek! I did find a source in Ireland that will ship here. I have ordered a few pounds of his hand-cut Irish turf (peat), I will let you folks know how that turns out. There's a guy in California that sells it, getting $125US for 25 pounds. That's a little too pricey for me just to experiment with. If my first attempt with a smaller quantity works out, I will order some from him and split it with anyone here on the list that wants some.

      I got my 55# bag of Thomas Fawcett & Sons UK malted barley yesterday. As I was warned, it is not very heavily peated. I am thinking that I might try re-peating some of it per the instructions at http://homedistiller.org/wash-grain.htm under the section "Jack offers more help on How to peat your malt".


      > Peat is quite varied as to the source plants even in Scotland. I suspect the phenols in the smoke is what is relevant. For the home distiller possibly any good garden peat would do the job?
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