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36942Re: [new_distillers] heavy peat malt source

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  • J J
    Oct 1, 2009
      From my reading the majority of the phenols in islay scotches are drawn from the peated malt, and the particular type of peat that islay has plenty of. Some argue that the water is also responsible, but the consensus seems to be that it only has a very minor influence on the final smoke aromas.

      Michael Jackson, world renowned whisky connoisseur and judge says this:

      "In Scotland, process water may have a certain level of peatiness, having flowed through peat bogs on the way to the distillery. If flowing through peat constitutes an influence, as is traditionally believed, it is likely to be a minor one, and even harder to quantify if the malt is peated" (Whisky: the definitive world guide, p. 30).


      "Water flows over peat on the way to a maltings, where it may impart some of these typical flavours during the process of steeping the grain. A much more important influence, however, is the use of peat as a fuel in the kiln where the grain is dried" (Whisky: the definitive world guide, p. 30).

      There is a peated barley available to home-brewers in Australia with a phenol level rated at 8-10ppm. The line is called Bairds Medium Peated Malt (UK). It's generally used in the creation of smoke beers I believe. I've haven't tried it yet but intend to at some point.

      Perhaps you could inquire with your local home-brew shop if they stock malted barley as to whether or not they can order this in for you.

      The only place I know where it is available in Australia is at this web address:


      I assume other brew stores would stock it or something similar too.

      Good luck on the peated whisky,


      (Any peated single malt is worth trying but yes, Lagavulin is always worth returning to when a hard dose of the phenols is required)

      From: Phil <n2652t@...>
      To: new_distillers@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, October 1, 2009 4:14:24 AM
      Subject: [new_distillers] heavy peat malt source

      Forgive me if this ends up being a double posting.  I posted directly in the forum and my message has never arrived....
      I was wondering if anyone has found a source for heavily peated (Laphroaig) malted barley?  I keep reading about how light (3-4ppm) the peated malt we get is, and that the Islay is much higher at around 15ppm.  I would expect that there must be a source for the higher peat level?

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