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  • tgfoitwoods
    Sep 2, 2009
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "jazzdoren2k3" <jazzvandoren@...> wrote:
      > Z-Bob...
      > That helped a lot, and since I get these forwarded to my e-mail on my phone, I've all day to read and ponder to come up with what I hope will be my final questions about angel blasting before starting the process on Friday...
      > Do you blast your spirits before or after you've diluted down to a 40-50% ABV?

      Usually at my last concentration in the aging process before the bottling dilution, so 50-55%ABV.
      > Where did you get the vinyl hose?

      Neighborhood hardware store.
      > I bought some activated charcoal that is waiting for me at home to filter through. Would/Should I charcoal filter then angel blast, or angel blast, then charcoal filter. I guess this question kinda ties in to the first question since I've been advised to dilute prior to charcoal filtering...

      As a general rule I don't use charcoal, for 2 reasons. First, most of what I do is "flavored" spirit, whisk(e)ys, brandies, rums, and so on, and charcoal filtering just removes all the flavors I worked so hard to get in my booze. Second, the only unflavored spirit I do is Mason's MUM wash, and that's so clean it doesn't seem to need charcoal, whereas many high-performance yeasts certainly do.
      > I do believe these are the last questions I'll come up with about this - and I'm very excited to do it. Even though my first batches were quick ones (turbo yeast -- when I arrive at home tomorrow I'm cooking up my first batch of the MUM to distill next week), the product wasn't terrible. It wasn't GREAT, but it wasn't terrible, so I'm thinking that these two steps will at least improve "not terrible" to "acceptable"...and then when I do them to the MUM wash - then maybe I'll get close to great.
      > Thanks again for all your help Z-Bob. It's much appreciated!
      > --Mad Hatter

      You are *very* welcome.

      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller
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