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36481Re: MUM (and Hybrid) question

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  • abbababbaccc
    Aug 3, 2009
      I did it all at once when we were developing the MUM. It took over a week to ferment but then again the temperature was about 18C which also slowed things down. And it wasn't miracle growth but some local generic fertilizer.

      Slainte, Riku

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "rye_junkie1" <rye_junkie@...> wrote:
      > Just give it the second round of nutrients when you get back. Some would argue that all of the nutrients could be add at the beginning without issue. Maybe so, I havent tried it. Most people dont eat Breakfast, lunch and Dinner all in one sitting, That just wouldnt be healthy. I almost always have a Hydrometer floating in the wash. I never feed nutrients to a wash below 1.015.
      > The ferment is usually over in 4 days because of the way the nutrients are fed to it. In my experience, If you miss a feed time(give or take a few hours) the ferment slows dramatically. Add nutrients and it speeds back up. The intervals that I laid out seem to keep the action consistent. All that slowing and speeding up stress the little buggers out too.
      > Keep in mind also that all this "Stressing" you are STRESSING over doesnt mean a hill of damn beans to you at this point in the hobby.
      > You dont have enough time at the still to notice a difference in the final product. Yet.
      > Mason
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