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  • KM Services
    Jul 1 12:19 PM

      Mason brings up a good point about your heat source and also insulation. I wrap my boiler (50 litre keg) with an old woollen blanket and hold that in place one of those  soft fold up reflective car windscreen shield (the type you use when parked to protect your dash and seat on a hot day). I also have my column well insulated


      Ken Mc (This is my opinion and if I am wrong I will be corrected I am sure)

      I am not familiar with the PDA's but I would start looking at your power source. That Hotplate. Ken and I use Internal elements which is a Direct heating method. Most of us use some sort of insulation on the outside of the boiler as well. Also the internal elements we use do not have a thermostat. I bet that hotplate does and it is cycling on and off.
      You are most likely loosing 1/3(maybe more) of your heat input because of an uninsulated boiler, the sheer size of the boiler, and heat lost/transferred between plate and boiler. For a boiler that size you should consider internal elements or just go with propane.
      If I use only my 1500w element for a stripping run once up to temp the takeoff rate is around 2 liters/hour.


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