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    Jun 18 7:23 PM

      Realistically my feeling is that cloth would be as others say ineffective other than for filtering fine yeast and nutrients in a wash other than the  “lumpy Bits” out of a mash and understand pillow cases and the like are used for this. For fine filtering or settling as Mason suggests finings of some sort from what he suggests to beer/wine types of finings to turbo clearing agents are the only way other than time and racking to get the bulk of the yeast to settle out as it is basically in solution being so fine.


      Ken Mc (This is my opinion and if I am wrong I will be corrected I am sure)


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      Thanks for comments baker

      I wouldnt think that a brief contact with a 12% wash would be that worrysome but I must confess I have not seen any data regarding polyester chemical resistance properties

      The genuine Millbank bag is very effective at removing debris from water, it is made from dense canvas that has to be soaked before use, liquid is then drawn through by capillary action. Despite this the large surface area of the bag gives a reasonable flow

      Unfortunately Millbank bags are quite expensive and a useable substitute is a leg from a pair of denims, either well stitched at the bottom or simply folded up in half

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