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  • johnthefatbloke
    Jun 18, 2009
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "thepiro" <thepiro@...> wrote:
      > I own an Air still and have been using it for around a year with good results.
      > It is a very small unit holding 4 Ltrs at a time, which is good enough to supply boos for a >family and some friends. It will pay for its self in no time. Ideal for a student flat, or for a >person living in town and don't want others to know what they are up to.
      > In my opinion it is a good bit of kit for distilling high alcohol sugar washes, and will >produce a spirit that when flavoured will make most types of boos to a more than >reasonable standard.
      > It is not suitable for making true whiskeys as the pot size is too small. It took me 9 runs to >get 2Ltrs of 60% whisky out of a 25 Ltr wash. Produce is coming along very nicely sitting >on charred Oak.
      > Seriously, the air still is idiot proof to use, and a great way to get into the hobby, but if it is >true whisky or rum you want go for the bigger stuff.

      Concur with all said here. Yes, small, not the quickest (takes about 45 to 50 minutes to heat up and then another hour and a 1/2 to hour and 3/4 for it to actually provide the 800mls of "hearts" (I usually bin the first 25mls as foreshots). Then if you leave it running you can get a fair amount more out of it as "tails" to add in later.

      There is a caveat..........

      always run it with either some raschig rings or similar (I've also used broken glass) in the bottom, because if the sugar wash isn't absolutely clear, it can over boil/"burp" so you wouldn't want to be using it where it might be a hazard to family/pets.

      That can be negated by using the rings/glass and/or a 3ml capful of "distillers conditioner" and/or not filling it to the line.

      There is a greater chance of an over boil/burp if you're not distilling sugar wash in it (I've done wine, mead, cider in mine).

      Overall, I'd give it 9 out of 10, but with any still, remember it's a boiler first......
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