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35077Re: connecting to a keg without cutting it??

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  • rye_junkie1
    May 1 7:49 AM
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "have to ask" <bigordead@...> wrote:
      > Ok I live in an apartment right now and am still getting my research done before I get into things ( which will be when funds andcomfort with my researched knowledge get in place). but for future reference can one conect a collume to a keg without cutting it?? If you use an adapter that attaches like a beer tap to keep the keg open could that work?? also could one still get product in and out? I suppose one would have to pump or siphone out everything not distilled out.
      > Thanks all

      I just picked up 2 kegs myself to use for beer stripping. Literally for one. 30 bucks and its full. Never been tapped. Apparently the college girls that had the Keg party over estimated consumption of 3 kegs by about 1.5 kegs. For one of these I plan on using as you are implying. Looking at some of the photos in the "photos" section of both of these lists and looking at my kegs, there is a spiral snap ring that needs to be removed and then the guts can be unscrewed. I will have to get into it to see whats going on in there. Brewhaus also sell parts like this that may work.
      The top of my kegs looks like a triclover fitting and if that is the case then a fitting similar to that one will work.
      You can fill the keg pretty easy through the top but you will want to put a valve in the bottom for draining. I have welding access and skill for both AL and SS and plan to do this plus some fittings for internal elements. A local welding shop would do it for you as well.
      The biggest issue I see with a setup like we are talking about is that it will be very hard to clean. This is why most opt for the mixing bowl or SS pot on the top.

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