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3469Re: [new_distillers] Which Still to build

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  • B13013ob@cs.com
    Apr 3, 2002
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      vandermeulen@... writes:

      << I sketched out a design, that has a ~24"x2" column, ~18" lyne arm, and 18"
      jacket condenser - passed it around on this list for comments. Tony A.
      thought that it should work, as did others. I ran it a week ago and right off
      got ~80%abv product!! Way too high for what I wanted. I suspect that the
      column is far too long - so I am shortening it to maybe 12" and will try
      again. >>

      Howdy John! ....which brings me to more questions --- it seems that
      almost all of the folks in this group use electricity and are stuck with 1 or
      2 choices as to heat output for the boiler. Since the heat used for the
      reflux is less, aiming for purity, might it not be enough to maximize vapor
      production to get the "Flavors" over the top? I use a big gas burner (for
      boiling crab and lobster) under my boiler. With the infinite heat range (to
      maximum, of course), might that push more vapor? The pic you attached used
      fire, for instance.
      As to fire vs electricity, why is the latter chosen over gas? Is it a
      safety issue or a matter of convenience? I use very little LP gas in aiming
      for 95% since the only vapor sought is Ethanol and the water runs only enough
      to cool the vapor and equalize the reflux (2L water / min.). I must be
      living on the edge or something, but the fire extinguisher is always close
      Thanks for the reply...please don't think you're "ranting"! I can't get
      enough information and sometimes the pearl in buried in the meat. More is
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